Client J.S. 

(May 2021)

Denisa is very kind and empathetic therapist. I have experienced multiple close family deaths and was feeling very low, so I was searching for someone who has experienced loss themselves and I found Denisa. She was warm and listened to everything I said and I felt comfortable around her instantly. Thank you. I would highly recommend Denisa to anyone experiencing grief or loss.

Client A.A.

(January 2021)

Denisa has helped me find ways to work through an extremely traumatic loss. Through her counselling I have begun to reflect on my self-doubt, guilt, loss and mixed emotions. Her sessions can be extremely exhausting and uplifting at the same time. I am in much better place than before I met Denisa. I now know there is a light at the end of what is a very long and dark tunnel. I also know in time I will get to the end of it thanks to her support.

Client S.P.

(December 2020)

Having suffered four very close bereavements in six months and after a year  of trying to deal with it myself I needed help to make sense of it all. With Covid 19 and the restrictions that we all faced I could not go on anymore. I feel very lucky to have found Denisa. Her warm and welcoming nature was just what I needed. I felt listened to, understood and that I was not wrong to feel the way I was. We came to the point where I felt ready to face the world again. I felt happy, confident and would not have recognised the person that first walked into Denisa's therapy room. I 100% recommend Denisa to anyone who has suffered any kind of loss. She has changed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful, Denisa is an amazing therapist.